DTC Scores 12 medals at USATF Regionals!


800m: Lindbom and Mesfin dominated the open class of the 800m earning Gold and Silver medals respectively! Great 1-2 finish men! #GoRuth Ran a great 800m race scoring gold as well!!!

60m: Although a pushy race official knocked Hubert off of his game, he still won gold, and established a new team record of 6.70 seconds! Badger ran a season best time of 7.33. Stevens clocked an 8.60 for her first go at the 60m–stay tuned for her progress this season!

Mile: Undertaking a tough double, Ruth fought her way to a difficult win in the mile. Lindbom dominated the mile clocking in at an impressive 4:13 at 7,000ft elevation!

200m: Stevens’ superior endurance allowed her to win an intense battle between herself and a Colorado College sprinter! Stevens warned bronze in this event! Great Job!!!
Badger got out with a great start but became distracted with the tracks layout and ran at 80% for 1/3 of the race. After regaining his sense of distance he was able to salvage the race and earn a bronze medal!

400m: Lindbom was at it again! This time he decided to use the sit and kick strategy which helped him come away with another gold medal race!

4x250m: Our coed team had no room for error during this relay because we had to face Colorado College men’s team. Leg 1 was Hubert who ran our fastest leg opening a 20m gap between us and CC’s men. Leg 2 was handled by Thal Woods who ran another fast leg and widened the gap even further! Leg 3 was Badger who attacked the final 100m aggressively and almost overshot leg 4 in the exchange zone. Leg 4 After a shaky exchange Stevens ran strong even splits, but the CC men’s anchor was closing in fast. With 50m to go the CC anchor, with fiery determination, got within a meter of Stevens but his legs locked up with acid, which allowed Stevens to slip away with a narrow victory.

Great job DTC!!!!

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