University of Colorado Indoor Open

After a month of delays, we finally had an opportunity to race on the track. The DTC competed in the 400m, 1,500m, and the 5,000m at the Colorado Open.

Jenny Riat was our first athlete to see action for the 2017 season. She began her 5,000m race with a very conservative pace and seemed to be a bit winded while in last place. As soon as we began to worry about her being outclassed, she had an aggressive change in pace that decimated the field during the second half of the race. Jenny didn’t get the win, but we were finally able to see the depth of her progress after a full year of training.

Next up was Jacquelyn Myrin who raced the mile. As with Jenny’s race, Jacquelyn’s race also had a slow start. During the second lap Jacquelyn decided to put an end to the slow pace and blocking tactics that the other women were doing  with an anaerobic surge. Out of frustration, she instantly dropped 5 positions covering a 15 meter gap! She later encountered issues with painful muscle stiffness that derailed her podium effort.

On the Men’s side Ryan Parker made an unexpected season debut in the mile. His race was a bit long, but the strength that he showed during the CU Open should translate well for the 800m at Mines.

It has been a year since we have seen Michael Sanders race, but he looked great as he won his heat of the 400m with his trademark aggressive style. The strength from his pickup games of basketball and weightlifting definitely showed.

Great job DTC! Our next stop will be the Joe Davies Open at the Colorado School of Mines.

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