Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver 2015

Last weekend marked the beginning of our newly established road racing team! Many struggles came about while organizing this event. No longer were we under the safety net of the USATF rulebook, we were under Rock-n-Roll Marathon’s jurisdiction. This was definitely a tough learning experience for our team, but in the end, we tracksters fought together until this event became a success.


Our men usually race the 800 meters and ‪ the ‎1500 meters‬ on the track, but yesterday they raced the 1/2 marathon. This pair worked as a team for most of the race, but nature called, and we had to accommodate. Despite the bathroom break (#2), our runners finished with only two minutes of separation!


Our women did this event at their long run pace. It was a great opportunity for them to see new things. After a tough weekend, the most important thing is that our runners crossed the finish line safely; it doesn’t hurt that our times were faster than we had predicted! Great job team! #GoDenver!

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