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The first Denver Nuggets 5k – RUN TO THE RIM race was held on Saturday, November 12th, 2016. The route began at Pepsi Center, went through Auraria Campus and finished on the court (more)

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The race is one full of meaning for Curran, whose sister and father are Marines. She ran with the initials“AWS” drawn on her left hand to remind her of her teammate, 1st. Lt. Ashley White-Stumpf (more)

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When Ian Butler won the Cherry Creek Sneak 10-miler on Sunday, his coach wasn’t the least bit     surprised. Dave Reese had been predicting it as he waited in the finish area for Butler to arrive (more)

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When Will Seidel moved to Denver, he expected that the fitness-crazed city would have a track club. But a cursory Google search (more…)

Typical Winter Practice Session


Run to the Rim 5k

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