2017 MINES Joe Davies Open

The 2017 CSM Joe Davies Open was our second outing for the season, and we are glad to report that the team has made progress in all aspects.

The 3000m was our first event of the day. Despite our ladies’ entry times being evenly matched, Hannah Holmes was separated from the crew and had to tough things on on her own in heat 1. Heat 2 was drama filled: Megan Derschang took an early lead while Jenny Riat, who was equally fast, remained 20 meters behind in last place. Jenny kept us on the edge of our seats as she fell further behind in last place, during a race that she should be winning. The outlook on her race changed when she put in a massive anaerobic effort during the final two laps of the race. She had secured second place by the time the bell lap came around, but Melissa Delgado of UCCS was not going to go down without a fight. It appeared that Jenny had gotten the job done as she approached the finish line, but Delgado found the strength to out lean Jenny at the last second. The DTC girls ultimately finished in P1 and P3.

Next up was Ryan Parker and Caroline Braun for the 800m. Caroline is in the process of racing herself back in to shape and had a tough battle from the start to the finish. Things did not look great for her during the middle portion of the race, but her skill and experience allowed for her to overcome her challengers and take P2 in her heat of the 800m. Ryan Parker has been working very hard over the past few months and is achieving new heights in his running career. His race was absolute domination from the start, which resulted in an uncontested race and a 4-second indoor 800m PR! Parker put everything that he had into that race, and he still leaned hard at the finish line despite having a massive lead. Unfortunately he caught a spike, fell hard, and broke his foot while decelerating.

The mile went a lot better for our team this week. Jacquelyn Myrin improved her season best by 7 seconds! Kyle McCloskey is getting back in to top shape, but he made his DTC debut with a hard-fought top-10 finish!  Ryan Fulkner is also rebuilding his fitness, but was able to help us be successful this week. Janey Heard’s goal for this race was to run a sub-6 minute mile. She was 4 seconds faster than her goal pace when she was accidentally tripped by a Colorado College runner. Although it was a hard fall, she was okay! Janey got back up and finished strong.

University of Colorado Indoor Open

After a month of delays, we finally had an opportunity to race on the track. The DTC competed in the 400m, 1,500m, and the 5,000m at the Colorado Open.

Jenny Riat was our first athlete to see action for the 2017 season. She began her 5,000m race with a very conservative pace and seemed to be a bit winded while in last place. As soon as we began to worry about her being outclassed, she had an aggressive change in pace that decimated the field during the second half of the race. Jenny didn’t get the win, but we were finally able to see the depth of her progress after a full year of training.

Next up was Jacquelyn Myrin who raced the mile. As with Jenny’s race, Jacquelyn’s race also had a slow start. During the second lap Jacquelyn decided to put an end to the slow pace and blocking tactics that the other women were doing  with an anaerobic surge. Out of frustration, she instantly dropped 5 positions covering a 15 meter gap! She later encountered issues with painful muscle stiffness that derailed her podium effort.

On the Men’s side Ryan Parker made an unexpected season debut in the mile. His race was a bit long, but the strength that he showed during the CU Open should translate well for the 800m at Mines.

It has been a year since we have seen Michael Sanders race, but he looked great as he won his heat of the 400m with his trademark aggressive style. The strength from his pickup games of basketball and weightlifting definitely showed.

Great job DTC! Our next stop will be the Joe Davies Open at the Colorado School of Mines.

Denver Nuggets Run to the Rim 5k


November is usually the least exciting month on our race calendar, but that changed when we received a request from the Denver Nuggets to support their first 5k. Although we only had two and a half weeks to prepare for this race, our athletes still managed to post great results.

First Impressions:
img_9741_1 img_9744_1

The class and professionalism that was displayed at the Nuggets’ inaugural Run to the Rim 5k was very impressive. It was obvious that their team knew how to handle a large event because safety was a top priority. Their safety team and paramedics were the first group that our runners seen while making their way from the Camry Parking Lot. Pre-race entertainment was top notch with live performances from the Drumline, Cheerleaders, and Rocky the Mascot was there to get us pumped for the race!

The Race:
The Run to the Rim course was fast and flat, toured through the Auraria Campus, and finished inside of the Pepsi Center. Jimmy Scavuzzo won the men’s division in 16:44 and our women secured the top 6 finishing positions: Sophie Galleher first in 18:11, Stephanie Milici second 18:18, Amy DeSeyn 18:38, Karina Sanchez made her DTC debut in 19:12, Jen Riat fifth 19:29, and Jacquelyn Myrin 6th in 20:14! William Scavuzzo got a top-10 finish in 19:55, Ellen Downing and Kiera Pelletier both finished in the top-20 during their tempo run. Run to the Rim 5k Official Results

The Party:


Runners were treated to a mountain of pizza and loads of Coors beer as soon as they entered the beer garden. The event was quite small and was held during unseasonably warm weather, so the Nuggets may want to relocate the post race celebration indoors next year–this event has a lot of potential!

Final Thoughts:
Outside from a few small teething issues, the Run to the Rim 5k has what it takes to become a staple in the Denver running community and we are excited to support the Nuggets’ future racing efforts. Great work #TeamDenver!

2016 NYC Marathon

Photo by Coast Guard News
Photo by Coast Guard News

Michelle Kluz is new to running, but two things that she is not lacking are speed and passion for our sport. That passion has driven her to skip the training wheels and go for the marathon distance from the beginning.
The months leading up to the race were spent refining efforts. Michelle is one of the hardest working athletes that we know so the first and most important lesson that she learned was that every run does not have to be a hard run. When athletes run hard every day they either plateau or get injured. Our goal was to keep her progressing, and together we accomplished that goal. Her 5k training races at tempo pace progressed from the 19:40’s down to the 19:20’s, and she managed to take 3rd in her age group and qualify for The Boston Marathon while tempo running at the Lehigh Valley Marathon! She was definitely ready for her big race in New York City.
Moments prior to the race an upset stomach and fever were a cause for concern, but fortunately they were not issues when it was time to go. What was an issue was that Michelle did not have the opportunity to do a proper warmup and had to start the race cold. Normally this is not a problem because runners can warmup during the race, but there was no chance of taking it easy at the NYC Marathon; all of the runners went fast out of the gate. Our teammate Adrienne Boyd reported that she had seen Michelle looking very strong during the seventh mile of the race. She continued to run well and hit the half-marathon mark in 01:35:00, but her hamstrings began to give her problems at mile 16 at the Queensboro Bridge. It was at that point that she decided to give up on her sub-3:10 goal and just finish the race. The rest of her race was trouble free at a 7:45 pace and she finished with a 03:18:00! Great job Michelle!

Queensboro Bridge

2016 Marine Corps Marathon


The Marine Corps Marathon is known for being a tough course, but when things get tough we can always count on Meghan Curran.
Her race at the 41st MCM was nothing short of inspiring. She took a comfortable lead during the early portions of the race and passed the half-marathon mark with a 01:22:00. Coach Reese and her All-Army coaches would have liked to have seen her run a bit slower, but she felt great and saved enough energy for the hilly section during the latter portion of the race.
By mile 20 Meghan had a firm command of the race and all she had to do was make it to the finish line. Her PR effort abrutply took a turn for the worse when she began experiencing severe gastrointestinal distress. By mile 25 her fight towards the finish line consisted mostly of walking and slow jogging. Around that same time she had relinquished the lead to Perry Shoemaker who went on to take the victory. Bruised, but not defeated she made it to the finish line where she had received immediate medical attention.
We are very impressed by Meghan’s commitment to the All-Army Team. Although she did not get the win, her sacrifice helped her team take the overall victory at the Marine Corps’ home event. This is the type of commitment that she shows us every day and we are glad to have her on the #GoDenver team! Well done Meghan!