2016 Marine Corps Marathon


The Marine Corps Marathon is known for being a tough course, but when things get tough we can always count on Meghan Curran.
Her race at the 41st MCM was nothing short of inspiring. She took a comfortable lead during the early portions of the race and passed the half-marathon mark with a 01:22:00. Coach Reese and her All-Army coaches would have liked to have seen her run a bit slower, but she felt great and saved enough energy for the hilly section during the latter portion of the race.
By mile 20 Meghan had a firm command of the race and all she had to do was make it to the finish line. Her PR effort abrutply took a turn for the worse when she began experiencing severe gastrointestinal distress. By mile 25 her fight towards the finish line consisted mostly of walking and slow jogging. Around that same time she had relinquished the lead to Perry Shoemaker who went on to take the victory. Bruised, but not defeated she made it to the finish line where she had received immediate medical attention.
We are very impressed by Meghan’s commitment to the All-Army Team. Although she did not get the win, her sacrifice helped her team take the overall victory at the Marine Corps’ home event. This is the type of commitment that she shows us every day and we are glad to have her on the #GoDenver team! Well done Meghan!

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