Life in 9.80 Seconds

8374272018_7d8d371a62_kphoto by Kent Capture/

Justin Gatlin’s defeat during his highly anticipated showdown with Usain Bolt ended in less than 10 seconds, but much can be learned from it.

  1. When you are on the big stage, the pressure is on–especially if you are the person everyone came there to beat.
  2. Always respect your opponents. Gatlin ran an uncontested season and was light years ahead of the competition, there was no way he could lose, right?
  3. Anything (Murphy) can happen. When Bolt surprisingly showed up to the final in 9.7 shape, it had JG a bit flustered. Remember to always expect the unexpected.
  4. When things get tough, go with what you know. Gatlin spent most of the race behind Bolt, but he actually caught up to him when there was 20 meters left in the race!
  5. When you already have everything that you need to succeed, don’t try too hard, or over do it. Now that he caught up with Bolt, he was desperate to find a way to in front of him. Leaning too early for the finish with +15 meters left caused him to lose a winnable race.

Remember, if it is dumb or different, don’t do it during Championships. Go Team USA, #GoDenver

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