Fight Corruption, Invest Local

Last night the world was made aware that FIFA officials were arrested over corruption charges. It is nearly impossible to ignore corruption in today’s world because it often affects our trusted brands, businesses, and governing bodies. When a person or institution begins to make decisions based purely on monetary gain, they start to do business for the wrong reasons.
Big business and governing bodies may seem like they are invincible, but they are not. While we, as individuals, cannot control what the “big” people do, we can choose to do the right things for ourselves! It is time to stop pretending to be weak and take our power back! You can do your part by investing locally.
-If you do not like the way your food is grown, buy local.
-It is Obama’s fault that… Fix it in your local government (if possible).
-Sports are corrupt… You can influence sports at all levels by investing in your local teams (DTC).
-Wages are too low… Start a business and pay fair wages or invest/shop at local businesses that have the same beliefs.
Fix your problems at home (locally) first and the decisions that the “big” people make won’t matter as much.

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