DTC at Potts Invitational

DTC began the meet with Michael Sanders and Will “The Champ” Seidel competing in the 600y dash.  Sanders took the lead to try and salvage the pace in heat 1 after a slow start and managed to some degree, but ended up sixth overall.  The Champ dazzled with perhaps his final race representing the DTC in Colorado, putting up the ones as he crossed to win his heat with no other competitors in sight.

Next it was a couple of our friends from down in Colorado Springs competing in the 800m. Tim Badger looked really good in a DTC singlet and his bright orange under armor.  Coming back from the 60m last weekend, Badger attempted to hold on for the finishing surge in his 800m.  This resulted in a blistering move off the last turn, which was quite impressively held off by another runner who then proceeded to pass out and need assistance leaving the finishing area.  Then it was Ruth Waller’s turn, a runner who has hitherto trained with some distance club down in Springs, but is moving and is likely to join us at DTC.  She finished with a strong 2:23, and then came back later to race a 28 second 200m, winning the event. Entire results of day 2 can be found here.

Off the track, Sarah Pizzo tore it up at the Fast and Flurry-ous 4.1-mile race, taking 7th in a stacked field of competitive women in 24:12. Top 20 results can be found here

Congrats to all that competed. 2013 looking like it’s going to be a fast year!

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