Visiting Boa Technology


Many athletes know about the New Balance VAZEE Sigma’s unique lacing system, but what is not well known is the company that makes them. Boa Technology is based here in Denver and we were fortunate to be invited for a tour of their facility.

The Boa facility is located inside of the vibrant TAXI community. Upon entering, we were greeted by casually dressed employees, and their pets, to their loft-styled office building. The sense of energy, freedom, and excitement from their employees was contagious. Because of that environment, our tour became much more than a simple visit to learn about shoe laces.


A surprisingly large amount of work goes into designing the Boa Lacing Systems. The New Balance VAZEE Sigma, pictured above, took their team two years to develop! Boa Technology’s TAXI office is surprisingly capable: they can design and build shoes,  machine their own parts, 3D print things, and do extensive product testing. One notable thing is the amount of testing that they do on their products. They have hot/cold chambers that produce extremely hot and freezing temperatures while subjecting components to endless repetitive cycles. It was easy to understand how they are able to provide lifetime warranties on all of their products.


Boa Technology is a Denver business that is very likely to become more successful. With the release of the New Balance VAZEE Sigma, they are now a part of our track community. Make sure that you try their products the next time you go shopping!

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