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The Denver Track Club is a track team that specializes in high performance competition and is coached by the former Denver Marathon champion David Reese. We provide athletes with a family-like environment that is full of love, compassion, encouragement, and high achievement.

Our team meets three days a week: Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 9am at Denver’s Washington Park, on Sundays we have our fun long run social group that meets in various locations.

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  1. I’m looking to get 2 copies of the picture of Meg Curran running in front of the Washington Monument. You posted the picture on your Instagram account recently

  2. I just moved to Denver and am a hammer and weight thrower. I am getting back into the game after being hit with a hammer and breaking my leg. I wanted to see if the club welcomed throwers or knew of a post-collegiate throws club.

  3. I am a recent graduate from University of Arizona where I was a heptathlete. I have a full time job here in Denver, however I am looking to coach on the side. I am very good with technical work on the field and the track. I have some used and unused gear that would love to give to a post-collegiate athlete in need.
    Please reach out to me!

  4. I am a former NCAA D2 sprinter! I am now in CO starting my masters at UCCS! I am looking into continuing my efforts as competing as a short sprinter. I’m looking for a club that will assist me with s full regiment for training. If you all aren’t the best for my goals please assist me in finding a club to assist.

  5. Hi. My name is Nur Abdi and i want to train 100 and 200 dash my phone is 614-446-3913. call or i wanna know more details about the club thanks.

  6. James Hatch,
    Way to go James… i down my spikes too this year but something is tempting me again to come back. so will be coming/relocating to denver this september and hope to try out again. wish you guys well and great season.

    1. Jackson,
      You are always welcome to come join us when that running fast itch needs to be scratched. I would be a great treat to have you come run with us.
      Take Care

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