36th Sun Angel Classic and 2015 Colorado Invitational

Photo by John M. Quick (www.johnmquick.com)

36th Sun Angel Classic:
Tempe, Arizona–Last weekend the DTC made it’s first trip to the Arizona desert for some elite competition. Alongside our DTC members were a few familiar Colorado athletes Joe Morris, Jeremy Dodson, Lacey Henderson, Anthony Mallory, as well as many other elite runners!

Shawn Lindbom and Carl Arnold took to the 800m. Lindbom scored a 6th place finish in the premiere 800m with a time of 1:50:86! Arnold finished 6th in section 2 with 2:00:36.
Mesfin Ferede raced his favorite event at this meet and established a new PR of 3:55:20, which is 9 seconds faster than his previous season best! Carl Arnold ran a double at this meet clocking in at 4:04:15! Ferede and Arnold finished in 10th and 14th places respectively.

Outstanding work Men!

10854849_10152699258616513_7706706526874620028_oPhoto by Molly Zeman

2015 Colorado Invitational
Boulder Colo–The team raced two meets last weekend, while the AZ crew were clocking fast times in the desert, other members held things down at home CU Boulder.

High Jump:
Kyetiil Vicenti competed in her first HJ event of the year clearing 1.52m (4’11”) which was good for 10th overall!
Kenny Rennick took five seconds off of his 1500m SB with a 4:11:12. Colorado Mines’  Harry Krantz was determined to take him out with a strong kick at the end of the race but Rennick was able to hold him off in a strong finish.
Ben Carlson ran an aggressive 400m attacking the first 300m at an all-out pace! Although the second place runner was closing on him, Carlson hung on for the heat win with a 51.73!
Badger ran 11.63 in the 100m with a 2.4 m/s headwind.
Ruth Waller is shaping up! She improved her SB clocking in at 2:20 in the 800!
Badger ran a 23.56 in the 200m.
With a change in Lacey Davis’ work schedule Chris Christoff randomly stepped in to lend our team some help despite running 25 miles over the previous two days. The DTC relay team finished in 7th place with a 3:33.

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