2017 MINES Joe Davies Open

The 2017 CSM Joe Davies Open was our second outing for the season, and we are glad to report that the team has made progress in all aspects.

The 3000m was our first event of the day. Despite our ladies’ entry times being evenly matched, Hannah Holmes was separated from the crew and had to tough things on on her own in heat 1. Heat 2 was drama filled: Megan Derschang took an early lead while Jenny Riat, who was equally fast, remained 20 meters behind in last place. Jenny kept us on the edge of our seats as she fell further behind in last place, during a race that she should be winning. The outlook on her race changed when she put in a massive anaerobic effort during the final two laps of the race. She had secured second place by the time the bell lap came around, but Melissa Delgado of UCCS was not going to go down without a fight. It appeared that Jenny had gotten the job done as she approached the finish line, but Delgado found the strength to out lean Jenny at the last second. The DTC girls ultimately finished in P1 and P3.

Next up was Ryan Parker and Caroline Braun for the 800m. Caroline is in the process of racing herself back in to shape and had a tough battle from the start to the finish. Things did not look great for her during the middle portion of the race, but her skill and experience allowed for her to overcome her challengers and take P2 in her heat of the 800m. Ryan Parker has been working very hard over the past few months and is achieving new heights in his running career. His race was absolute domination from the start, which resulted in an uncontested race and a 4-second indoor 800m PR! Parker put everything that he had into that race, and he still leaned hard at the finish line despite having a massive lead. Unfortunately he caught a spike, fell hard, and broke his foot while decelerating.

The mile went a lot better for our team this week. Jacquelyn Myrin improved her season best by 7 seconds! Kyle McCloskey is getting back in to top shape, but he made his DTC debut with a hard-fought top-10 finish!  Ryan Fulkner is also rebuilding his fitness, but was able to help us be successful this week. Janey Heard’s goal for this race was to run a sub-6 minute mile. She was 4 seconds faster than her goal pace when she was accidentally tripped by a Colorado College runner. Although it was a hard fall, she was okay! Janey got back up and finished strong.

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