2016 Runnin’ of the Green 7k & USATF Championships

The weekend of 11-13 March was our team’s biggest challenge to date.  With the 2016 Indoor Track & Field Championships on the West Coast, the USA Track & Field 15k Championships on the East Coast, and the Runnin’ of the Green in Denver.  This was an incredible opportunity for our team to test our mettle and  make ourselves known at the local and national elite levels.

2016 USATF Indoor Track & Field Championships
Mark Husted was our team’s representative for the Indoor Championships in Portland, Oregon. Mark started his 800 meter race from the inside lane. This was less than ideal because runners tend to make a bit of contact on the tight 200 meter tracks. In an attempt to prevent himself from getting tangled up with the other runners, he accelerated as hard as he could through the first turn. Despite his efforts to prevent contact, his competitors crashed into him at the breakline and forced him to make the decision to give up his position. Mark was unable to find an opportunity to pass throughout the race and was unable to advance to the finals.

2016 USATF 15K Championships
This year’s 15k Championships were hosted by the Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida. Ian Butler had a great start to his 15k, he even carried the lead on many occasions! Although Butler has incredible talent as a runner, his lack of experience with running in the sweltering conditions found in the Eastern United States began to show. His pace eventually slowed but he kept fighting to the point where he nearly became oblivious to what was happening. Butler fought with everything that he had and finished in an impressive 47 minutes, and was 19th overall in the elite field!

The next day when we received him from the airport, his shirt was inside out with deodorant stains. this is further proof that he gave his all and we are proud of him!

2016 Runnin of the Green
The 2016 Runnin’ of the Green didn’t go quite as planned; our elite athletes had USATF Championship commitments and a few athletes were injured or unavailable. Although we had our challenges, our team of young runners all had top 10 finishes at a race that attracts 10,000 runners annually!
Jeo Mendez (4th overall/3rd Age Group)
Micah Dettmer (8th overall/4th Age Group)
Andrew Halverson (23 overall/7th Age Group)
Taylor Nowlin (7th overall/3rd Age Group)
Jen Riat (17th overall/ 6th Age Group)

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