2016 Potts Indoor Invitational

The last meet at Balch Fieldhouse.
The last meet at Balch Fieldhouse.

There was much excitement about the opportunity to race at Colorado’s new state-of-the-art facility. Unfortunately this excitement turned to disappointment when the University of Colorado was forced to hold the 2016 Potts Indoor Invitational at their outdated, 78 year old Balch Fieldhouse. Many teams decided to cancel their plans to attend the meet, but our DTC members stayed committed to supporting the University of Colorado.
The 60 meters was our first event contested at this meet. Returning from a hamstring injury that ended his 2015 season prematurely, Badger’s only goal for the meet was to stay injury free. He went on to finish 11th overall and remained injury free!
Our second event of the day was the 400 meters, which was raced by Sanders. Also returning from injury (plantar fasciitis) he lost a little bit of explosiveness from his start and he was the slowest out of the blocks. As the race progressed he made his way around his competitors and was closing quickly on the first place runner, but was unable to reel him in.
The DTC concluded the meet with two strong performances in the 800 meters. In heat 1 Chris Christoff decided to use wait until the last lap to outkick two of his competitors which allowed him to finish in 3rd overall! In heat 2 Ryan Parker got his first taste of 800m action in two years! Moving back down from long road races, Ryan was fit for the race aerobically but struggled to get more work out of his anaerobic system. We are proud of Ryan for maintaining his position against an aggressive runner that was determined to take him down.

Way to “Team 800”! We were able to score 3rd overall in the points! Next week 12 athletes will travel to the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado to compete in our first Division 2 meet of the season. #GoDenver

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