2016 NYC Marathon

Photo by Coast Guard News
Photo by Coast Guard News

Michelle Kluz is new to running, but two things that she is not lacking are speed and passion for our sport. That passion has driven her to skip the training wheels and go for the marathon distance from the beginning.
The months leading up to the race were spent refining efforts. Michelle is one of the hardest working athletes that we know so the first and most important lesson that she learned was that every run does not have to be a hard run. When athletes run hard every day they either plateau or get injured. Our goal was to keep her progressing, and together we accomplished that goal. Her 5k training races at tempo pace progressed from the 19:40’s down to the 19:20’s, and she managed to take 3rd in her age group and qualify for The Boston Marathon while tempo running at the Lehigh Valley Marathon! She was definitely ready for her big race in New York City.
Moments prior to the race an upset stomach and fever were a cause for concern, but fortunately they were not issues when it was time to go. What was an issue was that Michelle did not have the opportunity to do a proper warmup and had to start the race cold. Normally this is not a problem because runners can warmup during the race, but there was no chance of taking it easy at the NYC Marathon; all of the runners went fast out of the gate. Our teammate Adrienne Boyd reported that she had seen Michelle looking very strong during the seventh mile of the race. She continued to run well and hit the half-marathon mark in 01:35:00, but her hamstrings began to give her problems at mile 16 at the Queensboro Bridge. It was at that point that she decided to give up on her sub-3:10 goal and just finish the race. The rest of her race was trouble free at a 7:45 pace and she finished with a 03:18:00! Great job Michelle!

Queensboro Bridge

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