2015 CSM Kit Mayer Memorial Open


Denver TC’s middle distance crew made a statement as 5 athletes swarmed the 1500m last weekend. Other good marks were placed in the 100m, 800m, and 4×400.

Lindbom, Ferede, and Arnold took to heat 1 of the 1500m. Arnold got out well and took an early lead in the race but decided to rejoin the hesitant field… Ferede became frustrated with the race’s slow pace and lead the race through the second and third laps of the race. After buffering a strong head wind in 80F weather, Ferede was unable to fight off the lead pack and finished 6th overall. Lindbom adopted a risky sit-and-kick strategy that served him well during the race. With a 3 m/s tailwind, Lindbom was able to overtake 4 runners in the final 100m of the race scoring a second place finish! Rennick scored a strong midpack finish in his first 1500m of the season! Christoff  decided to have a bit of fun with heat 3 of the 1500… After staying in last place for the first 3 laps, he somehow succeeded at overtaking every runner in the field for a dramatic victory! Whew…

Waller gave us a scare as she went into the second lap because she looked very fatigued. Despite the pain she dug deep and found a way to increase her pace and overtake the first place runner and leave her in the dust by 4 seconds–classic Ruth 🙂

100: Badger arrived at the meet after working night shift and mentioned that he was feeling “profoundly tired” but went on to race his 100m anyway. After downing a can of Red Bull he was able to match his 100m PR of 11.2 despite his legs locking up with acid in the final meters.

4×400: The DTC placed 4th overall in the 4×400 with a time of 3:26!

Great job team! We will return to competition on April 11th at the Potts Invitational. See you there!

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