Denver TC Ranked 7th in the Nation!


The DTC started day two in sixth place in the championship standings and our mission was to take fifth. This was a tall order for our two points runners Ruth Waller and Olivia Long, but they were up to the challenge.

3k Steeple: Waller started the race a bit fatigued day one’s SB effort in the 800 but she became stronger as each lap passed. Partway through the race Waller overtook the first place runner who was not willing to give her position away so easily. Ruth’s opponent fought hard but a mishap in the steeple pit placed Waller command of the race. Another race, another Runnerspace interview, and a gold medal for Ruth!

5000m: Olivia was in terrible shape after getting injured during the 10,000m the previous night but she decided to carry on and try to score points for the team. Although she was down on power and turnover, Long walked off of the track with a new PR of 19:08!

400mh: Prior to the race Waller joked that she was going to get a silver to match her gold and bronze medals and that’s what happened! Starting out the race, Ashley Karnick of M.M.T.C. seemed as if she were too fast for Waller to beat but as the race progressed Karnick began to tire. Down the back stretch Waller began to reel Karnick in like a rubber band that just lost it’s tension. By the end of the race Waller closed a 15m gap and fought hard for another goal but unfortunately she was edged out by .10 seconds. had there been another 3 to 5 meters it would’ve been another gold for Waller. Another race, another Runnerspace interview, and a silver medal for Ruth!

Coed 4×400: Badger hadn’t trained for the 400m but was able to run a good first leg, setting a new PR of 52.4. Mesfin ran an aggressive second leg, improving the pace that Badger had already set. Next up was Anthony Robertson of Zenith Track Club that ran fast, even splits to help us out. Ramos ran a hard anchor leg, which more than made up for time lost during a scary exchange. The co-ed 4×400 clocked in at 3:53, which is a great time considering DTC had a men’s team run 3:47 before!

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