Life in 9.80 Seconds

8374272018_7d8d371a62_kphoto by Kent Capture/

Justin Gatlin’s defeat during his highly anticipated showdown with Usain Bolt ended in less than 10 seconds, but much can be learned from it.

  1. When you are on the big stage, the pressure is on–especially if you are the person everyone came there to beat.
  2. Always respect your opponents. Gatlin ran an uncontested season and was light years ahead of the competition, there was no way he could lose, right?
  3. Anything (Murphy) can happen. When Bolt surprisingly showed up to the final in 9.7 shape, it had JG a bit flustered. Remember to always expect the unexpected.
  4. When things get tough, go with what you know. Gatlin spent most of the race behind Bolt, but he actually caught up to him when there was 20 meters left in the race!
  5. When you already have everything that you need to succeed, don’t try too hard, or over do it. Now that he caught up with Bolt, he was desperate to find a way to in front of him. Leaning too early for the finish with +15 meters left caused him to lose a winnable race.

Remember, if it is dumb or different, don’t do it during Championships. Go Team USA, #GoDenver

Pearl Street Mile and Pikes Peak Ascent

Boulder, Colorado road race, 1 mile

Boulder, Colorado road race, 1 mile

Congratulations to the DTC athletes that raced the Pearl Street Mile and the Ascent this month! Brittni Hutton came in second in the Elite women’s race! Jeannie Freis and Dan Spale both scored massive age group wins in the Masters Division! Brandon Birdsong-Johnson, placed 14th overall at the Pikes Peak Ascent (half-marathon). He along with a few other runners took a wrong turn which took him out of contention for the win. Great job on staying mentally tough, and finishing the race!

Next on the schedule is the Costa Rica Half-Marathon, and the Car Harbour 10k! Let’s go Denver!

Denver TC Ranked 8th in the Nation!


The Denver Track Club had an exceptionally strong return to the USATF Club Nationals this year as we fought and won the hearts of athletes alike.
-Hutton opened up the meet for us with a well-raced 5k. Initially she started with a conservative pace while waiting for her competitors to make a move but she soon found out that she would be doing this race alone. During the last mile she unloaded an incredible amount of fury as she closed the race with a 5:01 mile! Brittni clocked in with a 17:09!!! Great job Brittni!
-Birdsong had a clean start to his 5000m. He maintained his position in the front of the lead pack until his foot began to bother him. Brandon retired from the race in P4 with 3 laps to go in the race–so close… Great effort out there man!
-Amy had an excellent start to her 1500m but was overcome by the New York humidity and heat. Although she was in incredible pain, she gave the race everything she had, and pushed through the finish like a champ. Great job Amy ūüėÄ
-Ferede started his record breaking race in second-to-last. Each lap he passed a handful of runners as they began to tire during the event. With 375m to go during the race, he overtook the top Central Park runner and that guy wasn’t happy about it. The CPTC runner began to give chase in a brutal fight to the finish. Ferede’s superior speed and strength served him will in the final stretch as he was able to open up a sizable gap prior to crossing the line. At the conclusion of the race, Ferede had knocked a full second off of the meet record! Excellent work Mesfin!!!
Ruth, the defending steeple champion was up against some serious competition this year. A quarter in to the race it had looked like it was certain that she was going to go home with a bronze until the lead runner became a heat casualty. From that point on, Ruth maintained P2 into the finish. We know you were hurting out there, but thanks for staying strong and earning points for the team. You rock Ruth!!!
-After coaching for hours in the heat and humidity, Ramos took to the 400m. Although she was exhausted and had very little power, she finished her race with absolute courage and determination. Thanks for being a great role model for us Coach Ramos!
-In his signature style, Carlson exploded out of the blocks and roasted the first 300m like it was nobody’s business. Although he had overcooked the first half of the race, he held on for a strong push through the finish line.
-Ruth toed to the line for the 800m but ended up standing idle on a hot track while the officials looked for the break-line cones. Although she was exhausted from the silver medal effort in the 3000s, she fought hard for her fourth place finish in her heat.
-Ferede went unchallenged during his 800m race and was not able to run his absolute fastest as a result. Although it was a fairly uncontested race, Ferede walked off of the track with a new PR of 1:54! Awesomeness X2!!!!

Huge thanks to everyone that has ever contributed to the DTC’s incredible story. It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce that we are now closed for business. Goodnight and have a great summer tracksters. DTC signing off :)

Be back in August.

2015 USATF Club Nationals Preview

Brooklyn Bridge
                                                                                                                     Photo by Jiuguang Wang/Flickr
Tomorrow Denver Track Club members will fly to New York City to compete in the 2015 USA Track & Field Club National Championships. The DTC is currently ranked 7th in the nation and our goal is to maintain or improve our position. Our performance list is as follows:

Ruth Waller-Liddle
Ruth was our team’s MVP at Nationals last year in Seattle. At the conclusion of the meet Ruth had accumulated medals in all of her events. This year she will be racing in the 800m, 400m hurdles, and the 3000m steeplechase. #GoRuth

Mesfin Ferede
Mesfin is looking exceptionally strong at this point in the season. He dropped 9 seconds off of last year’s Superior Downhill Mile time with a time of 3:53! His current SB in the 1500m is 3:55 and he is in much better shape right now. Wish him luck as he attempts to break the Club Nationals 1500m record. #GoMesfin

Jerry Quiller Classic Track Meet, Boulder, Colorado
Brittni Hutton
Brittni is having a break-out season! Her tenacious win in the citizens race (Bolder Boulder 10k)  resulted in her besting 6 of the 7 Americans in the professional race. Brittni will be going for the win in the 5000m. #GoBrittni
                                                                                                                                   Photo by Glen Delman
Angelina Ramos
Coach Ramos is not your average coach. Not only is she more motivating/vocal than the other coaches, but she also races her heart out for our team. Other teams may have more money and athletes, but we are the only team with coach Ramos :) #GoRamos

Brandon Birdsong
Brandon is an elite runner that hasn’t raced in 7 months. This will be his first race (5000m) since having foot surgery. Wish him luck! #GoBirdsong
                                                                                                                                   Photo by Glen Delman

Amy Dannwolf-Jones
Amy was one of the founding members of the Denver Track Club. After a 3 year break she is looking fit and is ready to do some damage in the 1500m. #GoAmy

Ben Carlson
Just when you thought Ben retired to recreational running, he exploded back on the Colorado track scene. With an altitude advantage, he is hoping to run sub-50 in the 400m. #GoBen

Tim Badger
Moving back to the 400m this year, Badger is out to prove that he has a little more speed in the tank. #GoBadger

Fight Corruption, Invest Local

Last night the world was made aware that FIFA officials were arrested over corruption charges. It is nearly impossible to ignore corruption in today’s world because it often affects our trusted brands, businesses, and governing bodies. When a person or institution begins to make decisions based purely on monetary gain, they start to do business for the wrong reasons.
Big business and governing bodies may seem like they are invincible, but they are not. While we, as individuals, cannot control what the “big” people do, we can choose to do the right things for ourselves! It is time to stop pretending to be weak and take our power back! You can do your part by investing locally.
-If you do not like the way your food is grown, buy local.
-It is Obama’s fault that… Fix it in your local government (if possible).
-Sports are corrupt… You can influence sports at all levels by investing in your local teams (DTC).
-Wages are too low… Start a business and pay fair wages or invest/shop at local businesses that have the same beliefs.
Fix your problems at home (locally) first and the decisions that the “big” people make won’t matter as much.