So many races!


A lot of teammates raced this past week. From the 100m to the Marathon there were some awesome results.

Annie Poland raced her first marathon at altitude in 3:19 at the Steamboat Marathon placing 12th overall and 2nd for the women. A reminder, the start line is at 8,128 feet above sea level. Very impressive!
On Wednesday a few of the men stepped onto Pearl Street in Boulder for the West End 3k, the first race of the series. Matt Kempton finished on the podium in third followed by TR Pursell in 4th. Matt Reynolds improved his personal best ove the distance finishing in 11:12, which would have won the open 3k division.
Friday night High Altitude Running Team hosted a small all comers track meet in Monument allowing some members to get back on the track.  Thanks to everyone who made the trip down. Erin Clark followed up her 2nd place finish in the 100m with a victory in the 400m. Ruth Waller had a big night with a 2nd place in the 400m and 1st in the 800m. Angelina Ramos finished 3rd and 2nd in the 400m and 800m respectively. Kristin Johansen finished 4th in the 800m and took 2nd in the 1500m. Sarah Pizzo took 2nd in the 1500m. For the men, Tim Badger took the win in the 400m, Matt Kempton and TR Pursell took 1st and 2nd in the 3000m.
Mark Husted ran a blistering 1500m at the Portland Track Festival on Saturday placing 14th with a 3:44.82
Sarah Pizzo followed up her 1500m with a 10k at 9,000 feet in Vail on Sunday finishing 4th in the women’s category.

Members at HART All Comers

A weekend full of good things.

There was a fair bit of racing that took place over the weekend. Saturday morning TR took home the win for DenverTC at the Boulder Prix 5k in Broomfield. Mark Husted added to the victory with a win the 400m 49.08 at CMS Last Chance Qualifier. Ruth Waller doubled on the day with an 800m 2:22.06 and 200m 28.943. Tim joined Ruth in the 200m distance running a 23.75. Link to official results will be up soon.

Reminder that a race schedule is up on the Schedule & Results page. In preparation for the summer season make sure you get with Matt Kempton and TR Pursell about buying a uniform and shirt.

“We will finish the race.”

“We will finish the race.” That is what’s written inside more than 100 pairs of precisely arranged shoes worn in the Boston Marathon.  The brilliantly designed front cover of Boston Magazine May issue had a two-day deadline to create the idea, photo shoot it, and edit it. It actually took 3 days but I don’t think anyone is complaining.
In the coming weeks there will be posters available where all proceeds will go to the One Fund Boston. Please send an email to if you would like more information about the posters. You can also support The One Fund at


Boston Magazine received about 150 pairs of running shoes to create its cover for the May issue. Photo: Twitter

Remember Spring?

In light of a very stressful last week, we hope that everyone has had a chance to reflect and recover some from the events that have happened. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all the victims and friends and families of those who have been hurt physically and emotionally by the poor choices of others. Our daily lives here, will return to mostly normal. Their struggles are just beginning as they recover from their injuries and adjust to a new way of living. One thing that every runner knows is we are some of the toughest people out there! When things are getting tough for you here reflect a little on the past events and run with a little fire inside you.

In a lighter note, I hope everyone has had a chance to check out the forecast for the next few days. Spring is popping it’s head in for a visit! The snow will be melting off the track allowing us to get back at it and rock some workouts. A congrats to Ms. Poland who ran Boston in a time of 3:13.02. Her splits can be found by searching for her here.

Next up is our other training partner Sarah Pizzo. She will be taking a trip out to race the Eugene Marathon in Oregon on Sunday morning. Best of luck to her and other friends of ours who are racing it!



Hearts to Boston

Live updates on the incident that happened today at 2:50pm at the Boston Marathon can be found here. Our thoughts and prayers to go all at Boston. We thank all of the support that acted without hesitation or selfishness to help all the victims.  We are thankful to hear that our fellow teammates Annie (finished 3:13.02) and Angelina (there on commentary assignment) are safe.


For other updates on the situation visit The Boston Marathon’s Facebook Page.