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Early Spring Race Recap

2016 Cherry Creek SneakIMG_9412

The Denver Track Club has long-avoided road competitions since it’s creation in 2012 because of a complicated sponsorship. With a new sense of independence, our mission was to become a part of the Denver road racing community. We believe that we have reached our goal during the 2016 Cherry Creek Sneak!

10 Miler: Ian Butler and Yianna Antonopoulos took 1st in the men’s and Women’s 10 Miler! Danielle Schmieder placed 4th (1st AG), Andrew Halverson (2nd AG), and Dyami Rolen placed 5th in his age group!

1.5 Mile Sneak Sprint: Mesfin Ferede established a new course record of 6:46 while averaging 4:30 per mile!

5k: Liz Fassel, Kelsey Desjarlais, Jenny Riat, and Megan Derschang all finished in the lead pack with an impressive 1-2-3-4 finish (respectively) in their Age Group!

2016 Horsetooth Half-Marathon
FTC0414-sp horsetooth half marathon

The 2016 Horsetooth Half-Marathon was held during a powerful snow storm that left many Coloradans stranded. Undeterred, Matthew Matuszak and Ruth Waller-Liddle braved the brutal conditions and finished in 2nd and third places in the men’s and women’s divisions!

2016 Runnin’ of the Green 7k & USATF Championships

The weekend of 11-13 March was our team’s biggest challenge to date.  With the 2016 Indoor Track & Field Championships on the West Coast, the USA Track & Field 15k Championships on the East Coast, and the Runnin’ of the Green in Denver.  This was an incredible opportunity for our team to test our mettle and  make ourselves known at the local and national elite levels.

2016 USATF Indoor Track & Field Championships
Mark Husted was our team’s representative for the Indoor Championships in Portland, Oregon. Mark started his 800 meter race from the inside lane. This was less than ideal because runners tend to make a bit of contact on the tight 200 meter tracks. In an attempt to prevent himself from getting tangled up with the other runners, he accelerated as hard as he could through the first turn. Despite his efforts to prevent contact, his competitors crashed into him at the breakline and forced him to make the decision to give up his position. Mark was unable to find an opportunity to pass throughout the race and was unable to advance to the finals.

2016 USATF 15K Championships
This year’s 15k Championships were hosted by the Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida. Ian Butler had a great start to his 15k, he even carried the lead on many occasions! Although Butler has incredible talent as a runner, his lack of experience with running in the sweltering conditions found in the Eastern United States began to show. His pace eventually slowed but he kept fighting to the point where he nearly became oblivious to what was happening. Butler fought with everything that he had and finished in an impressive 47 minutes, and was 19th overall in the elite field!

The next day when we received him from the airport, his shirt was inside out with deodorant stains. this is further proof that he gave his all and we are proud of him!

2016 Runnin of the Green
The 2016 Runnin’ of the Green didn’t go quite as planned; our elite athletes had USATF Championship commitments and a few athletes were injured or unavailable. Although we had our challenges, our team of young runners all had top 10 finishes at a race that attracts 10,000 runners annually!
Jeo Mendez (4th overall/3rd Age Group)
Micah Dettmer (8th overall/4th Age Group)
Andrew Halverson (23 overall/7th Age Group)
Taylor Nowlin (7th overall/3rd Age Group)
Jen Riat (17th overall/ 6th Age Group)

Superbowl Weekend Race Report

1500 meters
1500 meters

Last weekend was a successful week for Denver’s sports teams; the Broncos won the Superbowl and the DTC had scores of wins and top finishes!

2016 Frank Sevigne Invitational (Nebraska)
Mark Husted placed third overall in an elite 800m race!

2016 Superbowl 5k (Denver)
Sophia Galleher cruised to an easy first place finish prior to hitting the track for 400m repeats.

2016 Super Half-Marathon (Colorado Springs)
Olivia Long is slowly getting herself back into race shape after a long bout with persistent injuries. Amazingly, she placed 14th overall overall! She’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USATF Mid-America Regional Championships (Colorado Springs)

Although we are in the middle of our NCAA competition season, we could not pass up the opportunity to support our local track community; and get a good workout from it.
-800m: Mesfin Ferede opened up the meet for us with a turbine-smooth 800m and a clean win! On the women’s side, Ruth Waller took the win, Taylor Nowlin ran cautiously but still got third, and Rae Moreland fought off an aggressive Colorado College runner to secure 5th place.
-60m: This meet allowed athletes to do standing starts so Badger decided to see how well his 800m starting form would hold against sprinters in blocks. As the gun fired, his first step was predictably bad, but  he eventually caught up to his rival and beat him!
-1500m: Ferede was back in action for another smooth win! Dan Spale won his Masters Age group with a blistering 4:48!  Ruth placed first, Taylor second, and Rae finished in sixth!
-200m: Ferede took 2nd overall with a time that’s competitive with his outdoor efforts! It is going to be a great year for him!
-3000m: Taylor led the women’s 3000m with a great looking race, but we could tell that she was tired at this point. Jenny Riat was new to track and field and this was her first track event! She stayed strong for a mid-pack finish!
400m: Ferede again, of course… Up against some tough competition, Mesfin pushed as hard as he could, but was not able to defeat the well-rested runners at this point in the meet. Mesfin came in third place!
4x250m: Badger and Ferede could not find teammates to help them with the relay so they decided to try and win it with two people. After gaining a 30 meter lead, the team retired from P1. Our distance women did a great job holding off the female sprinters from Colorado College, but after a heavy day of racing the best we could do was 2nd place in the event.

DTC earned a total of 14 medals at this event! Great effort team!

2016 CSM Twilight Classic

Our 2016 season had a small start, but it appears that we have hit our stride at this year’s CSM Twilight Classic. With 12 athletes scheduled, this was certainly our largest meet to date!

Our meet began with the 5000m. On the women’s side Danielle Magargee led our group early on by pushing the pace through the first mile. During the second mile, Magargee relinquished the lead to her teammate Sophia Galleher who was later overtaken by Yianna Antonopoulos. Shortly after taking the lead, she was challenged by Samantha Barela (Johnson & Wales), her rival from the cross country season. Yianna had close races in the past, but never lost to Samantha. Unfortunately, she could not hold on for the win this time… Our women’s finishing order: Yianna 2nd, Sophie Galleher 3rd, Magargee 5th, and Derschang 6th. Great teamwork ladies!
On the men’s side Jeo Mendez traded positions with Chris Davis (Metro State) and eventually bested him for a 4th overall finish. The results are incorrect because a mistake with the lap counter…

The next event was the men’s and women’s mile. First up was Ruth Waller who was unsure about her fitness for the race. In a typical “Ruth” fashion, her start was a cause for concern, but later came back to punish the field with her speed! Ruth went on to place 2nd overall. Micah Dettmer held things down on the men’s side. Early on, he sensed that the pace was too fast so he conserved and made his moves as the others began to tire. Dettmer finished in 9th overall!

Our final event of the day was the 800 meters! Leading #Team800 was Ruth Waller again! Still fatigued from the mile, Ruth set out for an easy race in section 4 where she took command and won by more than 8 seconds! Mesfin Ferede was the first  of our men to see action in the 800m. Mesfin did not fear a fast pace so he and the others covered the first 400m in 56 seconds! After a blazing fast 400m split, all of the runners had gotten themselves tied up, but Ferede stayed strong for a 3rd place finish in heat 2! Next up was Ryan Parker and Sanders. Parker went for a spectacular heat win with a fast kick, and Sanders placed 5th!

Great job DTC! Our next meet will be on February 20th, and also held at the Colorado School of Mines. We will see you there!

2016 Potts Indoor Invitational

The last meet at Balch Fieldhouse.
The last meet at Balch Fieldhouse.

There was much excitement about the opportunity to race at Colorado’s new state-of-the-art facility. Unfortunately this excitement turned to disappointment when the University of Colorado was forced to hold the 2016 Potts Indoor Invitational at their outdated, 78 year old Balch Fieldhouse. Many teams decided to cancel their plans to attend the meet, but our DTC members stayed committed to supporting the University of Colorado.
The 60 meters was our first event contested at this meet. Returning from a hamstring injury that ended his 2015 season prematurely, Badger’s only goal for the meet was to stay injury free. He went on to finish 11th overall and remained injury free!
Our second event of the day was the 400 meters, which was raced by Sanders. Also returning from injury (plantar fasciitis) he lost a little bit of explosiveness from his start and he was the slowest out of the blocks. As the race progressed he made his way around his competitors and was closing quickly on the first place runner, but was unable to reel him in.
The DTC concluded the meet with two strong performances in the 800 meters. In heat 1 Chris Christoff decided to use wait until the last lap to outkick two of his competitors which allowed him to finish in 3rd overall! In heat 2 Ryan Parker got his first taste of 800m action in two years! Moving back down from long road races, Ryan was fit for the race aerobically but struggled to get more work out of his anaerobic system. We are proud of Ryan for maintaining his position against an aggressive runner that was determined to take him down.

Way to “Team 800”! We were able to score 3rd overall in the points! Next week 12 athletes will travel to the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado to compete in our first Division 2 meet of the season. #GoDenver

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