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Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver 2015

Last weekend marked the beginning of our newly established road racing team! Many struggles came about while organizing this event. No longer were we under the safety net of the USATF rulebook, we were under Rock-n-Roll Marathon’s jurisdiction. This was definitely a tough learning experience for our team, but in the end, we tracksters fought together until this event became a success.


Our men usually race the 800 meters and ‪ the ‎1500 meters‬ on the track, but yesterday they raced the 1/2 marathon. This pair worked as a team for most of the race, but nature called, and we had to accommodate. Despite the bathroom break (#2), our runners finished with only two minutes of separation!


Our women did this event at their long run pace. It was a great opportunity for them to see new things. After a tough weekend, the most important thing is that our runners crossed the finish line safely; it doesn’t hurt that our times were faster than we had predicted! Great job team! #GoDenver!

Early Fall Race Recap

It is the early Autumn which means that it is cross country and marathon season! The DTC took part in many races in our home state as well as Kansas and Minnesota. Our race recap is as follows:
-September 12th: Jeo Mendez took the win at the Alumni 5k at Ottawa University with a 15:30!
-September 19th: Yianna Antonopoulos finished 19th overall behind packs of ASU and CSU-P athletes at Colorado College’s XC meet in Colorado Springs.
-September 27th: Brittni Hutton Was the first Coloradan to finish the USATF Colorado’s Half-Marathon Championships, but the prize money was given to a USATF Arizona runner. Brittni won that race. #FreeBrittni ‪#‎BHuttNation‬
-October 3rd: Peter Boryla, Rob Blaskiewicz, Megan Derschang, and Yianna Antonopoulos represented the DTC at Metro State’s XC meet in Denver. Yianna improved to 8th overall at this meet. Megs participated on a month of training, but managed to do some damage! Peter raced further than 800m for the first time in his life! Although Rob is a masters runner, he managed to hang with the young guys!
-October 4th: Jeannie Jeannie Freis, Ruth Waller-Liddle, and Jessie Hecht all raced the Hot Chocolate 5k (Denver) Jeannie scored a 1st place age group win, Ruth took second overall, and Jessie used the race as a training run for the Chicago Marathon.
Kaitlyn Morgan placed 12th overall at the Big Sky Trail Marathon in FoCo!
Brandon Birdsong raced in the USATF 10 Mile Championships in Minneapolis, MN! This was our teams first entry into an elite road race!

Great work DTC! You guys are the best!

DTC Welcomes New Elites

We are proud to announce our newest team members Lacey Henderson and Jeremy Dodson:

Lacey Henderson 1
Lacey Henderson is former cheerleader and cancer survivor that is tough-willed, and has risen to the elite ranks of Paralympic Track and Field. Nowadays she can be found training at Altis in Phoenix, Arizona. Follow her progress as she prepares for the 2015 World Championships in Doha, Qatar on October 22nd!

Jeremy Dodson is a Denver native that has been running professional track and field since 2011.    Throughout the years, Dodson has competed in numerous IAAF Diamond League events, raced in two World Championships, and has also qualified for the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Dodson finished his 2015 season in 21st place overall in the 200 meters in Beijing and will be heading to the 2016 Olympics to represent Samoa!

We are a new type of organization. It is our mission to modernize the sport track and field and usher in a new era of professionalism. Welcome to Denver Track Club!


Life in 9.80 Seconds

8374272018_7d8d371a62_kphoto by Kent Capture/

Justin Gatlin’s defeat during his highly anticipated showdown with Usain Bolt ended in less than 10 seconds, but much can be learned from it.

  1. When you are on the big stage, the pressure is on–especially if you are the person everyone came there to beat.
  2. Always respect your opponents. Gatlin ran an uncontested season and was light years ahead of the competition, there was no way he could lose, right?
  3. Anything (Murphy) can happen. When Bolt surprisingly showed up to the final in 9.7 shape, it had JG a bit flustered. Remember to always expect the unexpected.
  4. When things get tough, go with what you know. Gatlin spent most of the race behind Bolt, but he actually caught up to him when there was 20 meters left in the race!
  5. When you already have everything that you need to succeed, don’t try too hard, or over do it. Now that he caught up with Bolt, he was desperate to find a way to in front of him. Leaning too early for the finish with +15 meters left caused him to lose a winnable race.

Remember, if it is dumb or different, don’t do it during Championships. Go Team USA, #GoDenver

Pearl Street Mile and Pikes Peak Ascent

Boulder, Colorado road race, 1 mile
Boulder, Colorado road race, 1 mile

Congratulations to the DTC athletes that raced the Pearl Street Mile and the Ascent this month! Brittni Hutton came in second in the Elite women’s race! Jeannie Freis and Dan Spale both scored massive age group wins in the Masters Division! Brandon Birdsong-Johnson, placed 14th overall at the Pikes Peak Ascent (half-marathon). He along with a few other runners took a wrong turn which took him out of contention for the win. Great job on staying mentally tough, and finishing the race!

Next on the schedule is the Costa Rica Half-Marathon, and the Car Harbour 10k! Let’s go Denver!

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